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City of Emeryville Public Works Department: South Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge – Emeryville, CA.  

Summit Environmental Contractors provided transport and disposal of contaminated and hazardous soils. The construction job involved soil excavation and restoration from the future Horton Landing Park and surrounding vicinity. The primary chemicals of concern (COC) were heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). To date, Summit has removed and disposed 12,500 tons of material at a Class I landfill and 7,500 tons of material at a Class II landfill. Summit’s contribution supported the city’s objective to install a bridge connecting the Emeryville Greenway located on the east side to the Bay Trail located on the west. The 230-foot span provides pedestrians and bicyclists safe passage over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks from Central Emeryville to the Bay Street Center. The project is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2021 and has an estimated price tag of $21.4 million.

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City of Hayward, Industrial Property Trust Hayward Logistics: Hayward Logistics Center – Hayward, CA. 

Summit Environmental Contractors was hired to transport and dispose contaminated soils from a 23.4-acre project site making way for state-of-the-art construction offices, an industrial warehouse complex and mezzanine space. The non-hazardous soils primary concerns of contamination included chromium and lead, resulting from historical agricultural purposes. Summit’s haul out and Class II landfill disposal was 26,000 tons of soil.