Santa Fe Springs

Summit provided environmental consulting and contracting services as part of the construction of the Interstate 5/Carmenita Road Interchange project. The construction included the removal of the existing two-lane grade separation over-crossing at Carmenita Road, realignment of existing frontage roads, and construction of a tight diamond interchange with a new Carmenita Road overcrossing grade separation structure over Interstate 5 and the Union Pacific Railroad crossing.

Services included preparation of a Health and Safety Plan, Excavation and Transportation Plan, Lead Compliance Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan, and Transportation and Disposal Plan outlining the requirements for the handling of contaminated material, and geotechnical and geochemistry data. Fieldwork included oversight, monitoring and sample collection from over twenty (20) excavations and soil stockpiles, and removal of 50,000 tons of contaminated and IFBWZ NFUBMT JNQBDUFE hazardous soil. In addition to preparing monthly reports, Summit conducted statistical analysis for the evaluation and recommendations for the perceived options for management of contaminated soil (disposal or reuse on site). The project construction value exceeded $100 million dollars and Summit was the exclusive environmental contractor and consultant for the job.