State Route 33 – Fresno County,  CA

This project involves the excavation, loading, transportation, and disposal of 2,670 tons of Type Z-2 impacted hazardous material.

Services included preparation of a health and safety plan, excavation and transportation plan, lead compliance plan, sampling, and analysis plan for potential environmental impacts due to ADL from motor vehicle exhaust in the surface and near-surface soils on the roadway within the project boundaries, and transportation and disposal plan outlining the requirements for the handling of contaminated material. The Type Z-2 contaminated material was removed from the Right-of-Way shoulder areas along northbound State Route 33 from Post Mile 69.3 to 70.9 in Firebaugh, Fresno County, California, by directly loaded it into end-dump trucks and transported for disposal at a Class I disposal site.

Other fieldwork included sampling and testing for contaminates and air sampling and worker training for lead.