Trancas Creek Bridge Project– Malibu, CA

Summit Environmental Contractors is completing work for the Caltrans District 7 Trancas Creek Bridge Project. This includes removing and disposing of 1,500 tons of aerially contaminated lead, field testing and screening of disturbed soils, air monitoring, engineering support and site management.

The existing 96-year-old, 85-foot wide, 90-foot-long concrete bridge, which was constructed in 1927 to span Trancas Creek on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, is being replaced with a new concrete bridge which will be 105 feet wide by 240 feet long. The new bridge will provide:

  • Two 12-foot traffic lanes
  • Bike lanes & separate pedestrian lanes
  • 10-foot shoulders in each direction to substantially improve efficiency and safety for the community
  • Northbound and southbound traffic will be separated by a six-foot striped median

The source of the contaminated soil was from the use of lead-based fuel. By removing this hazardous material, Summit is preventing toxic waste from migrating into the groundwater and beaches, eliminating carbon emissions, protecting construction workers from health hazards, and creating a healthier community for families.