Freeport Boulevard Arsenic Contaminated Soil Remediation – Sacramento, CA

Location: Along the inactive railway corridor west of Freeport Boulevard, City of Sacramento, California

Project Overview: Summit, as part of construction activities on the multi-use Del Rio Trail in the City of Sacramento, successfully executed the sampling and analysis and disposal of arsenic-contaminated soil. This crucial remediation project aimed to ensure the environmental safety of the trail, located along the inactive railway corridor from south of Meadowview Road/Pocket Road to the Sacramento River Parkway north of Sutterville Road.

Scope of Work:

  • Temporary locations of stockpiled material
  • Sampling and analysis plans for stockpiles, specifying location, number of samples, and lab analysis
  • Dust control measures
  • Air monitoring
  • Transportation equipment and routes
  • Spill prevention methods
  • Truck waiting and staging areas
  • Example of a bill of lading for trucks transporting arsenic-contaminated material on public roads
  • Spill contingency plan for arsenic-contaminated material
  • Transportation and disposal for contaminated material

Key Activities:

  • Sampling and analysis of arsenic-contaminated soil
  • Implementation of dust control measures and air monitoring
  • Adherence to the Excavation Transportation Plan (ETP)
  • Characterization and waste profiling
  • Compliance with environmental regulations for disposal

Environmental Compliance: Summit prioritized environmental compliance, ensuring the proper handling and disposal of arsenic-contaminated soil. The project’s success can be attributed to the strict adherence to the sampling and analysis plans, dust control measures, and spill contingency planning outlined in the ETP. As a result, the site was safely and effectively managed, free of any environmental hazards.