Soil Remediation – Sacramento County

Location: Various locations in District 3 on Route 51, 80, and 244, Sacramento County, California

Project Overview: Summit undertook the excavation, transportation, and disposal of 5,820 cubic yards (y3) of aerially deposited lead (ADL) contaminated soil for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). This project addressed environmental concerns related to construction activities on State Highway infrastructure.

Scope of Work: The project involved meticulous planning and execution to manage ADL-contaminated soil encountered during various site activities, including excavation, loading, and unloading Bins or trucks, transportation, and disposal. The team adhered to the Special Provisions outlined in Caltrans Contract 03-2H15U4 and the accompanying construction plan sheets.

Key Activities:

  • Excavation of 5,820 cubic yards of California Hazardous soil
  • Loading and unloading of containers and trucks
  • Safe transportation and disposal for 305 trucks
  • All work in accordance with regulatory requirements

Environmental Compliance: Summit implemented an Lead Compliance Plan and Excavation Transportation Plan, including measures for the proper handling, transportation, and disposal of contaminated material. The project team adhered to stringent guidelines to minimize environmental impact and protect public health.

Outcome: Through planning, adherence to regulatory requirements, and the expertise of our team, Summit successfully managed the remediation of ADL-contaminated soil, contributing to the safe and responsible construction practices on State Highways in Sacramento County.

This project exemplified Summit’s commitment to environmental stewardship, safety, and excellence in providing specialized services for infrastructure development.