Project Spotlight: Berkeley Gilman Street Project

Project Spotlight:

Summit is working on a District 4 highway construction project in Berkeley, California. This project includes over 8,000 tons of material. With 4,890 cubic yards of ADL roadway excavation material (Type Z-2) and 613 cubic yards of structure excavation material (Type Z-2).

The Scope includes the following:

  • Site Investigation, Sampling & Waste Profiling.
  • Transportation and Waste Disposal Services.
  • Plan preparation, ADL training, and onsite monitoring.

The project aims to reduce traffic congestion, queues, merging, and turn conflicts on Gilman Street between West Frontage Road and Second Street through the I-80 interchange. The project will also improve pedestrian and bicycle safety by building and improving existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities. These improvements include new sidewalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, cycle track, shared-use paths, and a pedestrian over-cross. These provide a safer and more direct connection to the existing San Francisco Bay Trail.

We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given. Summit continues to do its part in creating safer environments for our families and making strides toward improving our infrastructure efficiently.

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