Case Study: Sewer Replacement & Pavement Rehabilitation

Summit Environmental Contractors to schedule to start work from Christensen Brothers General Engineering for the Sewer Replacement & Pavement Rehabilitation Improvement Project for the city of El Monte, California. Summit will be providing:

  • Removal, Transportation and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • Field Screening & Testing of Contaminated Soils
  • Dewatering and Training of Construction Personnel
  • Air Monitoring & Health and Safety Plans
  • Health & Safety Plans

By removing this material it prevents the toxins from migrating into the groundwater supply, restores contaminated waterways, and creates more reliable water systems with lower environmental impacts for a greener and sustainable future. This scope of work is in preparation of improving the current wastewater infrastructure for the surrounding community and by doing so, creates new innovative solutions for a more efficient waste management system.

Summit Environmental Contractors is at the forefront of removing contaminated materials and is a trusted source for Federal, State and private sector projects. It is more than being environmentally responsible; our purpose is to provide environmental solutions for infrastructure projects