Founder Spotlight: Meet the Man Behind Summit!

This month, we are proud to feature Dave Aronne as the founder of Summit Environmental Contractors. Dave has over 40 years of experience in the field and is passionate about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Summit has always upheld the same values since its inception – Safety, Service, and Quality.

In his early days, Dave worked for International Technology, a company that developed cutting-edge processes in the environmental industry. He fondly remembers that time as unique and exciting.

“We were trailblazers and trying things that had never been done before.”-David Aronne.

Under Dave’s leadership, Summit Environmental is now the top provider of environmental services to infrastructure contractors in California.

Summit Environmental will be working on a 12-acre space located in downtown Los Angeles, under and adjacent to the Sixth Street Viaduct. This new public space will have various amenities, including two dog parks, a skate park, a performing arts plaza, soccer fields, and a large playground for children. People of all ages can enjoy this new public space.

“I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to help our communities and improve our infrastructure needs. Together, we can make California a better place for generations to come.” -David Aronne

Dave is an avid outdoorsman and frequently speaks on sustainability and environmental responsibility. He also founded the non-profit organization Race4theEnvironment, which aims to address community environmental issues such as water quality and lead awareness programs for schools.

We are honored to feature Dave in this month’s newsletter and are excited to see what remarkable achievements he will attain.


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