North Outfall Sewer Rehabilitation Unit 10 – Los Angeles



Summit Environmental Contractors was awarded a contract from Spiniello Infrastructure West, Inc. to complete health and safety plans for excavation, classification, and disposal of 2,700 tons of contaminated material for the North Outfall Sewer (NOS)  Rehabilitation Unit 10 Project for the City of Los Angeles and Department of Public Works. Summit will also be performing dewatering services prior to the start of the project. Dewatering will require two full size bins to be delivered and transported from the site.

The purpose of dewatering is to ensure a safe work environment for all personnel involved and is the correct way of preparing a project site where excess water and wet soil play a factor. This project will rehabilitate crucial sewer pipes in addition to the repair & installation of maintenance holes and and installation of bypass structures. In order for the installation to be completed correctly and on time, Summit’s services are required and will play a key factor to this project finishing on time.