Summit Environmental Contractors was awarded a contract from Colich & Sons to transport and dispose of 2,000 tons of soil containing aerially deposited lead. This project is for the North Outfall Sewer (NOS) Rehabilitation Unit 28 for the City of Los Angeles and Department of Public Works. This project includes a number of improvements that will make the sewers reliable for decades to come. The project will involve removing, repairing and rehabilitating sewer pipelines to address deterioration.

Prior to construction Summit will perform the following services:

  • Transportation and Waste Disposal Services
  • Material Sampling, Testing and Characterization
  • Health and Safety Training



The North Outfall Sewer, which has served Los Angeles since the 1920’s, is in poor condition and needs to be modernized. This project will rehabilitate 5,018 feet of sewer pipe in addition to the repair & installation of maintenance holes and and installation of bypass structures.