November Newsletter


Summit’s history of working on public works infrastructure projects, while following all the government regulatory agency requirements, have given us the experience and confidence  to call ourselves experts in the services we provide:

  • Plan Preparation, Reports, Air Monitoring & Training
  • Site Investigation, Sampling & Waste Profiling
  • Material Profiling & Manifest Preparation
  • Excavation, Transportation & Disposal
  • Dewatering & Liquid Handling
  • GIS Services & 3-D Modeling

By removing and recycling environmental pollution both before and during construction, Summit is helping provide green, sustainable and a modern infrastructure, resulting in reduced air emissions and a more efficient public transportation system.

The current infrastructure system needs to be modernized to accommodate the increase in traffic we see every year for the safety of our communities and the longevity of our planet. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is increasing new project opportunities and making the updates to our infrastructure system possible to better our roadways. 

With having removed over 800k tons of contaminated soil, Summit has the experience and capabilities to cover the entire removal process. From initial plan preparation and sampling to transportation and disposal of hazardous materials.

Summit’s goal is to seamlessly integrate environmental services for public works infrastructure projects allowing the progression of our highways, ports and railroads to continue smoothly as we help create safer environments for both workers and communities.

What Can Summit Do For You?

If you are interested in learning more about how Summit can improve your company’s approach towards hazardous waste management on upcoming infrastructure projects, contact us today at :  (949) 429 – 8263 ext 103.