Pershing Drive Bikeway Project – San Diego, CA

Summit Environmental Contractors will be providing environmental consulting and contract services for the Pershing Drive Bikeway Project located in San Diego, California. The Pershing Drive Bikeway Project will feature a modernized road by improving bikeway and roadway lane safety by resurfacing and widening them and also the addition of a roundabout and median that will significantly reduce the chance of vehicle and pedestrian collisions.

The work includes hazardous soil handling and profiling, lead awareness training, excavation and transportation planning, water pollution control and air monitoring. By removing contaminated soil that build up from leaded gasoline and emissions, we prevent any toxins from infecting nearby bodies of water and also prevent the toxins from migrating into the groundwater supply.  Summit’s lead awareness training and air monitoring prepares and protects construction workers from health hazards and ensures a safer environment for the community during the project and future.