Sewer Replacement Project – El Monte, California

Location: City of El Monte, California

Project Overview: The City of El Monte successfully completed the Sewer Replacement Nevada Avenue and Bodger Street Area (CIP005) and Pavement Rehabilitation and Improvement (CIP038) projects. Summit Environmental Contractors was responsible for the excavation, transportation, stockpiling, and disposal of 660 cubic yards (y3) of aerially deposited lead (ADL) and arsenic California-Hazardous contaminated material from various locations at the Site.

Scope of Work:

  • Perimeter and personnel air monitoring.
  • Excavation of contaminated soil at areas specified by Christensen/City of El Monte.
  • Determination of appropriate disposal options for all material based on laboratory results.
  • Direct loading of material into transport vehicles.
  • Decontamination of equipment, personnel, and transport vehicles.
  • Stockpiling of contaminated soil.
  • Transportation and disposal of material to the appropriate disposal or treatment facility.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful completion of excavation and transportation activities.
  • Adherence to specified disposal options based on laboratory results.
  • Rigorous decontamination processes for equipment, personnel, and transport vehicles.
  • Efficient stockpiling and transportation of contaminated soil to the designated disposal or treatment facility.

Environmental Compliance: Summit Environmental Contractors ensured compliance with environmental regulations throughout the project, implementing necessary measures to address and manage California-hazardous materials.

Outcome: The Sewer Replacement and Pavement Rehabilitation Projects were completed with a focus on environmental responsibility. Summit Environmental Contractors’ efforts contributed to the successful removal and disposal of hazardous materials, ensuring the safety and sustainability of the project site.