Top Reasons to Invest in Summit Environmental Contractors

Summit Environmental is a leading environmental and sustainable green technology  and contracting company with a proven track record for growth and innovation. We have built our reputation by providing sustainable solutions for a resilient infrastructure, clean environment, and healthy communities.


It is now more important than ever that we find long-term, sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our nation’s transportation system.


We are a renowned company that continues to set the highest standards for complex infrastructure modernization projects. We successfully deliver a variety of innovative solutions that reduce carbon emissions, remove toxins from our drinking water and eliminate pollutants from our communities.


With a stable, growing revenue base, Summit is perfectly positioned for significant growth. To maximize this opportunity, Summit needs capital to grow and expand our operations. This gives investors the opportunity to invest in a proven and experienced contractor.Come join us in creating the future. 


Here are the top reasons you should choose us as your next investment opportunity:


  • Our proven leadership and management team has a track record of successfully working together on $4B+ construction projects over the last 10 years.

  • Six of the top ten transportation infrastructure contractors in the U.S. are now customers of Summit Environmental.

  • We have a current backlog of nearly $10 million, and we are aggressively seeking a large share of the market.

  • Strong Market timing as the one trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill launches this year.


  • Our green sustainable technology solutions are not only building more HOV lanes for natural gas vehicles and carpooling but also eliminating harmful toxins such as aerially deposited lead from highways, bridges, airports, seaports; prepping the future for resilient growth. 


We encourage all of our supporters to visit our StartEngine raise page for more information on Summit and how to join our community of early shareholders.


Thank you in advance for your support and belief in our mission.