Sustainable solutions to modernize the transportation system are needed now more than ever to help the nation keep pace with its growth.


With that being said, congressional leaders recently appropriated $1 trillion to fund infrastructure projects across the country, funneling $44 billion into California alone.


Sustainable solutions for resilient infrastructure and a healthy environment combined with our commitment to innovation is Summit’s niche in the marketplace, which we expect to significantly grow with this legislation being passed.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

In a rare display of bipartisanship, House Democrats and Republicans joined together to vote overwhelmingly in favor of the legislative package, which will authorize a budget of nearly $1T to rebuild and modernize our nation’s infrastructure. 


The White House states that “President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure”. This legislation will:


  • Fund the plan to rebuild America’s roads and bridges, modernize our water systems, and expand access to high-speed internet for all Americans.


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving transportation options for millions of Americans through the largest public transit investment in the nation’s history


  • Help American manufacturers compete globally by making critical investments in research and development, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy technologies.


This legislation is an important first step toward achieving the vision of rebuilding America’s infrastructure and investing in our nation’s future. The Administration looks forward to working with Congress on additional legislation to build on this progress.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Infrastructure

As a leader in greening California’s transportation infrastructure, Summit Environmental provides cost-effective methods and sustainable solutions to customers seeking to modernize the nation’s transportation system. 


Summit’s proprietary eco-friendly solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the lifespan of our infrastructure while reducing maintenance costs. 


Our services help our customers achieve sustainable economic development, healthy communities, and a resilient infrastructure. It offers customers a way to optimize cost efficiencies, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life for their communities. 


With our advanced technologies and an experienced workforce, Summit is ready to revitalize our nation’s infrastructure and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Help Solve Our Nation’s Infrastructure Problems by Investing in Summit 

Together, we can maximize this opportunity. 


Summit needs capital to grow and expand our operations. As a proven environmental contractor with a record of success, we are setting the standard for a reduced carbon footprint and a healthier future.

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Removing ADL for Malibu, California Trancas Creek Bridge Replacement Project 

Most of the population has heard of the negative effects that lead can have, but most do not know that the use of lead in engines produces harmful exhaust fumes that coat our roadways, our drinking supply and negatively impacts our air quality.  If not addressed now, these hazards will continue to serve as a major factor in environmental pollution and poor health in our communities.  


Starting in the 1920s, inventors thought they had found the solution to every mechanical issue within the transportation community by adding lead into gasoline with the slogan to knock out the knocks in engines. This continued into the 1970s when finally, the EPA started to phase it out due to the catastrophic health and environmental impacts lead emissions were having on the community.  


Unfortunately, this discovery came many years too late as scientists conclude that lead emissions “exposure accounted for 900,000 deaths and 21.7 million years of healthy life lost (disability-adjusted life years, or DALYs) worldwide due to long-term effects on health in 2019” (WHO,2021) and warn that “if not detected early, children with high levels of lead in their bodies can suffer from damage to the brain and nervous system, behavior and learning problems (such as hyperactivity), slowed growth, hearing problems, and headaches(DTSC, 2016).


Scientists warn the public that “lead is a serious contributor to environmental pollution that accounts for a quarter of the global burden of disease”(UNEP, 2022) and while the ban on leaded fuel has long passed, it is still being used in aviation travel and further EPA studies show that “360,000 children under the age of 5 live near at least one of the airports where piston-engine aircraft operate. Multiple additional studies have shown that children living near such airports have higher levels of lead in their blood”(Wittenberg,2022).   


As part of Summit’s ongoing efforts to support the modernization of the nation’s transportation system, we have removed 50,000 tons of ADL in the past 3 years. Together we can utilize the one trillion-dollar infrastructure bill to maximize the opportunity to provide a safer community and ensure a cleaner environment for our children. 


This is our call-to-action CEO and Founder Dave Aronne at Summit Environmental Contractors (SEC) says.  He explains that “SEC is hard at work eliminating the source of lead contamination from our nation’s transportation system. To accomplish this goal, we need your help”. 


Summit hard at work removing 1,500 tons of contaminated soil from Malibu, California to protect our beaches and the public from toxic materials. By removing this toxic material, contractors can safely expand the bridge and reduce the hazards of ADL from our environment. This is the start of a healthier future!


Summit Environmental is a leading environmental and sustainable green technology  and contracting company with a proven track record for growth and innovation. We have built our reputation by providing sustainable solutions for a resilient infrastructure, clean environment, and healthy communities.


It is now more important than ever that we find long-term, sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our nation’s transportation system.


We are a renowned company that continues to set the highest standards for complex infrastructure modernization projects. We successfully deliver a variety of innovative solutions that reduce carbon emissions, remove toxins from our drinking water and eliminate pollutants from our communities.


With a stable, growing revenue base, Summit is perfectly positioned for significant growth. To maximize this opportunity, Summit needs capital to grow and expand our operations. This gives investors the opportunity to invest in a proven and experienced contractor.Come join us in creating the future. 


Here are the top reasons you should choose us as your next investment opportunity:


  • Our proven leadership and management team has a track record of successfully working together on $4B+ construction projects over the last 10 years.

  • Six of the top ten transportation infrastructure contractors in the U.S. are now customers of Summit Environmental.

  • We have a current backlog of nearly $10 million, and we are aggressively seeking a large share of the market.

  • Strong Market timing as the one trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill launches this year.


  • Our green sustainable technology solutions are not only building more HOV lanes for natural gas vehicles and carpooling but also eliminating harmful toxins such as aerially deposited lead from highways, bridges, airports, seaports; prepping the future for resilient growth. 


We encourage all of our supporters to visit our StartEngine raise page for more information on Summit and how to join our community of early shareholders.


Thank you in advance for your support and belief in our mission.

Summit Environmental Contractors was founded with the goal of providing environmental-based solutions for all aspects of construction infrastructure projects. Using advanced modeling and statistical technology, we quantify environmental issues in advance of construction!

Environmental pollution can be detrimental to infrastructure modernization and may cause project delays and health hazards. We believe the nation’s current infrastructure is outdated.

It needs to be modernized to provide for a more sustainable and healthier environment for the future.

With such a strong leadership team, there is no doubt that this company will become a leader in its field in coming years. We want you to meet our amazing line up that is making environmental-based solutions a reality everywhere!

Meet Our Fantastic Team!


CEO- David Aronne

Mr. Aronne is a State of California licensed engineering and hazardous waste contractor. He has 35+ years of experience in the environmental construction and sustainability infrastructure modernization industry. 

A statewide program director for more than 250 Caltrans right-of-way hazardous materials. His clearance projects total more than six billion dollars in infrastructure modernization. 

Mr. Aronne has a strong insight with an emphasis on sustainability and green infrastructure. He has been able to expect trends and industry direction for more than three decades. 

Director- W. Richard Laton

Dr. Laton is an expert in the field of hydrology/hydrogeology. 

Associate Professor of Hydrogeology in the Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Fullerton. 

His career includes years of teaching, consulting, litigation support, and management experience. Additionally, he is the CEO and Founder of Earth Forensics. This is a California-based company specializing in environmental forensics, and hydrogeologic science.

Dr. Laton’s education includes: 

  • Ph.D. in Geology from Western Michigan University.
  • M.S., in Environmental Earth Sciences from Western Michigan University.
  • B.S. in Earth Science from Saint Cloud University.

Director- David K. Gold

Mr. Gold is a board-certified Industrial Hygienist as well as an expert in the Environmental Health and Safety Profession. He has experience managing a wide range of safety, health within a variety of industries and corporate cultures. 

Well-versed in regulatory requirements, experienced in single, multi, and international site management. Additionally, he is the Founder and CEO of Gold Health and Safety Consulting. This company provides services in industrial hygiene monitoring and occupational safety audits.

Mr. Gold’s education includes: 

  • Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science/Environmental.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Health from the University of Southern California. 

Operations- Heather Halterman

30 years of administrative and operations experience. This experience stems from the field of environmental infrastructure modernization and sustainability. 

She has been involved in all aspects of:

  • Oversight.
  • Management.
  • Administration on hundreds of State projects.
  • Plus private sector infrastructure projects. 

She is an expert in the management for both government and corporate compliance including: 

  • Administration.
  • Accounting.
  • Operations.
  • Legal support.

She also provides strong customer service support and document review. 

Director- Stephen Parry

Mr. Parry is a practicing actuary currently consulting for a major US Financial Services firm. He has 12 years of experience in Financial Services, and 10 years of experience in the Actuarial field.

His experience includes:

  • Financial Modeling.
  • Embedded Value.
  • Economic Capital.
  • Economic Scenario Generation.
  • STAT / GAAP reserving and projection. 

He is also experienced in Reinsurance Recapture, including Strategy, deal pricing, and sensitivity modeling. 

Mr. Parry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics from Bryant University and an Associate designation in the Society of Actuaries.

Professional Geologist- Wil Cablk, P.G.

Mr. Cablk is a California Professional Geologist with 20+ years of experience. His experience stems from the investigation and remediation of environmentally impacted properties. 

Mr. Cablk has excellent knowledge of standard environmental practices, procedures, and regulations. 

Hee has prepared:

  • Proposals.
  • Summaries.
  • Closure reports.
  • Developed sampling plans.
  • Cost estimates.
  • Bid specifications. 
  • Provided contractor.
  • Subcontractor oversight.
  • Regulatory agency communication.
  • Compliance.
  • Performed phase II subsurface investigations.
  • Remedial excavations.
  • Operation.
  • Maintenance of soil vapor.
  • Groundwater treatment systems.
  • Soil and groundwater sampling. 

Mr. Cablk is also the founder of Cablk Consulting.

Marketing- Grace Aronne

Ms. Aronne has more than five-years’ experience in the field of marketing and digital media. During this time, she has been responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating multi-layered marketing and digital strategies, to fully leverage all aspects of the organization’s brand in support of its mission. 

She has also been responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the company’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.

Lead Estimator- Rachel Banach

Ms. Banach has 10+ years of experience in sales and estimating. During her time at Summit, she has increased both our client base and revenues. Her experience in estimating has fine-tuned Summit’s bidding process to allow Summit to bid on more projects, which has resulted in a record backlog of work. 

Logistically, Miss Banach has managed the scheduling of Summit’s subcontractors, and provided effective communication with our clients, to keep our projects on schedule and within budget.

Statistical Analysis & Modeling- Rene A. Perez, PG

Mr. Perez is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the State of California with over ten years of experience specializing in geologic, hydrometeorological and hydrologic investigations. 

He has extensive experience in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which he uses to solve complex Geologic and Hydrologic issues. 

He also has experience in the collecting and integrating of data into GIS for detailed spatial analysis. Mr. Perez uses GIS to prepare 3-Dimensional Computer-based and physical models for the visualization of key data and site perspectives. 

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