Environmental Dewatering Services

At Summit Environmental Contractors, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of environmental services. This month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on our Dewatering Services – a critical component of various projects where the management of groundwater is essential.

What is Dewatering?

Dewatering is the process of removing water from a construction site, industrial setting, or any area where the presence of excess groundwater could pose challenges or risks.  Whether it’s for excavation, underground utilities installation, or waste management, dewatering plays a pivotal role.


The Importance of Dewatering:

  • Stability and Safety: Removing excess water helps maintain the stability of excavation sites and prevents soil erosion, landslides, and sinkholes.
  • Construction Efficiency: Dry conditions enable construction work to proceed more efficiently, reducing delays.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Proper dewatering ensures that water is managed responsibly, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Health Hazards: Failing to properly manage and dewater contaminated groundwater can pose significant health risks. Contaminated groundwater can contain a variety of pollutants, chemicals, and pathogens that, if left untreated and uncontrolled, can lead to adverse health effects.

Our Dewatering Services:

Summit Environmental Contractors offers a wide range of dewatering services tailored to the specific needs of each project:

Environmental Responsibility:

We understand the importance of responsible groundwater management. Our dewatering practices are designed to prevent any adverse environmental impacts. This includes proper disposal of dewatering byproducts and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

The Summit Difference:

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle dewatering projects of all sizes. We take pride in delivering efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.

Whether it’s an infrastructure, construction site, industrial project, or an environmental remediation, our dewatering services ensure that contaminated groundwater is managed efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

For more information on our Dewatering Services or to discuss your specific project needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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