GIS Services

At Summit Environmental Contractors, we recognize the essential role GIS plays in achieving various project objectives and meeting the demands of an evolving industry. With over 60 combined years of specialized expertise, our team leverages the full potential of GIS technology to propel clients toward quality outcomes.

Through spatial analysis, data integration, land use planning, 3-D site contamination mapping, excavation analysis, geological, and hydrological assessments, GIS services deliver actionable insights and comprehensive solutions. The combination of powerful equipment with in-depth knowledge enables data-driven decisions and the display of information in an impressive package.

GIS for Project Management:

· Holistic Data Integration: Seamless merging of diverse datasets, empowers well-informed decisions.

· Visual Storytelling: GIS empowers us to create interactive maps and visual representations, offering a nuanced perspective on project landscapes and potential challenges.

· Data-Driven Decision-Making: Access to high-quality spatial data enables optimal decision-making, leading to improved project outcomes.


Drone Data Collection:

Drones provide unparalleled aerial perspectives, enabling accurate and efficient data collection without the constraints of traditional surveying methods. Drones enable efficient and cost-effective data acquisition, while GIS provides the framework for processing, analyzing, and integrating the collected data into meaningful spatial information. With the addition of Drone Technology, our clients benefit from efficient data collection and visualization.



Stakeholder Communication:

GIS-driven communication tools allow effective communication of complex environmental information to stakeholders. We create compelling visualizations, maps, and models that convey environmental data, analysis results, and proposed solutions. GIS promotes understanding and engagement, facilitating productive communication with clients, regulatory agencies, and the public.

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