Joint Outfall Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Carson, CA

Overview:  Summit has been awarded another contract with Spiniello Infrastructure West, Inc. This project is part of the Joint Outfall Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project in Carson, CA. The Joint Outfall “B” Unit 1A sewer rehab project was quite an impressive undertaking. The project was designed to rehabilitate a 12-ft-diameter, 1957-constructed sewer conveyance system that spanned a remarkable 5,100 ln. ft. The project utilized reinforced fiberglass polymer mortar pipes with curves and straight alignment under live flow conditions.

Scope of Work:

  • Clearing contaminated soil.
  • Delivery and pickup of bins for the collection and transport of materials.
  • Bin rental services for the duration of the project.
  • Supply and installation of bin liners to ensure proper containment.
  • Soil and material sampling and profiling for comprehensive analysis.

Project Execution: Summit Environmental Contractors successfully executed the project, ensuring the thorough cleaning of the sewer system, proper handling contaminated soil, and the delivery and retrieval of bins as needed. Bin rental services were efficiently managed, including the provision and installation of liners for secure containment.

Environmental Compliance: The Environmental Infrastructure Division adhered to stringent environmental standards throughout the project. Soil and material sampling and profiling were conducted meticulously to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safe handling and disposal of contaminated soil.

Outcome: Summit Environmental Contractors, in retrospect, successfully completed the Joint Outfall “G” Unit 8 Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 1. The project’s effective management of sewer cleaning, soil handling, and waste containment exemplifies Summit’s commitment to excellence in environmental infrastructure services.